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My body has a habit of talking

while I sleep, in my dreams. Generally, this is most obvious when I've got a bladder infection and my dreams are all about having to go to the bathroom. Waiting in line for the bathroom, being detained from going to the bathroom, fun being interrupted by having to go to the bathroom.

Last night, ALL night, I dreamed that I needed to go to the doctor, but I kept being stopped. Being detained, car stolen, etc. The night sweats continue, in my waking life. In the dream I knew that I had either TB, Cancer, or perimenopause. Whatever the problem, it HAD to be checked out, but I couldn't get myself to the doctor.
That was the last straw. I've now got a Dr. B appointment, a breast sono appointment, and I'm on my way now to do a walk in with the GP. The pain my my chest is just sitting and my spleen, after giving me a break for a few days, began to twinge again last night. So, enough. Grow up. Deal. Such is life. I'm just running the wash (the night sweats are ABSURD) and checking my mail. Then I'm dropping off some dry cleaning and that is IT. Blood tests for me. I can't figure this out myself, so someone else is going to have to. Lets hope its absolutely nothing, shall we? We shall.

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