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Does it make me a total dick

That I was OVERWHELMINGLY relieved to find out that my sister and her husband only pay about 300 a month to live? Turns out, his parents actually own their condo, but they're giving it to him at some point, and he only pays $300 for fees or whatever. I mean, yes, they pay utilities and whatever tiny tiny amount of food it takes to keep my sister breathing, but overall? They pay nothing. I seriously thought that perhaps J and I were FUCKING RETARDED or something. We are working our ASSES off. He's at the office past 9 on a fairly regular basis, we're pulling in over 6 figures and we're STRUGGLING to exist. We have no bad habits and no kids, so WHAT THE FUCK? My sister and her husband and fly off to Ireland for weeks at a time at a whim and plop down 4k down payments on new vehicles. She's a waitress cum bartender and he's a mailman. So really, this is just, come ON.

Ok, to be fair: kitchen and bedroom DID explode and insurance didn't cover a PENNY of that. I can't work the hours my sister can due to my fragile fragile little body (they call me ms. glass. I like to say that now, it's fun,) and also we now have 2 full time staff members and soon a third possibly and also a part timer and the taxes on that? Oy.

Plus, things ARE looking a little bit better right now. We FINALLY got paid for that one big job and we STILL have about 50k in accounts receivable, which, once you're getting checks every so often becomes comforting rather than a source of constant rage. There's good stuff on the horizon, I'm insinuating myself back into village politics (albeit in a sneaky way, which, honestly, is more fun) and our house is a NICE place to be now.
I even discovered a plant shelf I didn't even know I had before, which is probably only exciting to me, but still! Yay!

I dunno, the point of this is, I felt like an asshole being happy about that fun sister fact and I'm not exactly sure why. It just felt lame to be relieved. So, the question for the day is, is it? Hmmm.

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