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Oh, things, so thingy.

Work work work, work work. Work! Work and work. Work.

That's my life. Seriously. J and I are work machines. It's only 2 months into "the year that had better make us rich" and I'm already f'n exhausted.

New clients are coming though. Excitingly large ones, which is nice. Cash flow is a *little* bit better, in that checks come in at least once a week of late and we haven't had to hide from the landlord. That was a bummer week, let me tell you.

In awesome work news? We did the rough layout shots for our commercial today. It's going to be AWESOME. It's a 30 second spot and it'll be premiering in the center of the island during the premiere of Mad Men. I'm kind of exploding over that. If it gets any traction, we'll expand the area. We're adding health insurance in March and just about everyone is going to be full time soon. It's pretty cool. Maybe soon I'll be confident that one day I won't get horribly sick and bankrupt the shit out of my universe. Le sigh.

Speaking of sick, so, that pneumonia lasted for fucking EVER and I went to see Dr. B and he's got me on my infusion every day now instead of 6 days a week. This is like, wahhhh. It was nice having one day off from stabbing myself, however, it's nicer not to feel like total shit all the time, which, admittedly, I do not since we increased the dose. It would REALLY HELP if I could just get below 130lbs, but I'm starting to come to the conclusion that adult me is not capable of that. I just can't pull it off. My body HATES IT. I mean, I can GET there, but staying there means living a totally abnormal life, so is that really the best thing to do? I'm not sure it is. I CAN lose a bit though, and in that spirit, today I went to costco and loaded up the office freezer with veggies. If there's garbage there, that's what I'll eat, same with veggies. Rap has gained 30lbs since starting work, B has gained I think 15 and C has gained 10. I have no idea what I've gained because I'm so up and down, but I think all together, this is a sign that we are too fucking snacky in this office. So, today, diet drinks and veggies in the house. Suck it, bakery.

In house news, oy, I can't go into the situation with the contractor right now, I'm too blah over it. I will, at some point, upload a voice entry on it, because it's THAT RETARDED. Suffice it to say it involves being locked up in a psych ward and severe IV drug use. Good times, people!
This only happens to us, I swear. Also, the phrase "I guess it just came to a head on THIS job" was bandied about. Lovely! Good for US!

When colin attacks fred, I'm all "leave fred alone!" when fred attacks colin I'm all "you go, fred! kick her butt!" colin is bigger, I can't help it. Colin is also, apparently, not shedding her claws properly. The sheaths are staying on and her nails are now super thick. After a little research and logic I think the solution is to buy a huge honkin' tall scratching post. Why won't the one we have work? She's too tall. It's fine for fred, he can get a stretch, but when colin does it, the thing falls over. Enter HIDEOUS CAT FURNITURE. I'll hide it in a closet when the rare person stops in.

In hmm news, I took a photo of me I don't hate!

In criminal news, I used a very (I stress very) mild form of extortion to get $50 a month out of a local civic association! Go me!

In food news. Dinner is almost ready. I must jet. I will return.


Feb. 29th, 2012 05:54 am (UTC)
why, it's very likely that WE are doing that :)

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