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So, last night

we get a call, J's mom is in the ER with chest pains. J's positive it's just drama, and, in the end, that's pretty much what it amounts to. What's funny about going to the hospital because you're craving attention is that if you tell them random things like "my chest hurts" they'll tell YOU random things like "well, COULD be a heart attack!" and then you get yourself worked up and start thinking there IS something wrong. Suffice it to say, these people aren't good at being in the hospital.
They're also really not particularly nice to hospital staff which sort of boggles my mind. They're not total assholes, but they're that typical entitled "i'm the only one here who REALLY matters" kind of patient. Give me a break. Get your own blanket. It's not a fucking hotel. I REALLY hate that shit. But, whatever. I handled what I could and now I'm f'n exhausted because mentally, not fucking up for that long under those circumstances is difficult at best. I don't *think* I fell into any trouble, but who the fuck knows. We'll see.

In other news. My mom had another shadow on her mammo, but she went back in and now they just want her back in 6 months. So far, they think it's just our lumpy denseness. She just really doesn't have time for cancer again. None of us do, seriously. My aunt STILL hasn't had HER cancer surgery, because my uncle came up with hydrocephalus and had to have a shunt put in. Now he's probably going into rehab to relearn to walk properly and so my aunt can go have her surgery, however, she's not allowed to drive after so she's in a panic, so she may just have to live with my folks again. My poor dad, now living with his mom AND my aunt. oy.

My grandma is like, a real normal grandma and it's utterly weirding me out. I'm having trouble trusting the whole situation. It doesn't seem right at all. I guess maybe my grandfather was SUCH a huge dick that he poisoned everyone around him? It's weird. We went to a pet store and she loved it. Who is this woman? She thinks it's upsetting that gays can't get married and why do people have to get married anyway when they can just live together? Who IS this woman? I don't know.

We're working so hard, and paychecks continue to be a rare commodity for me. I *think* J just booked me for a food photography shoot that'll be a couple hundred though, so that would rule. Plus, if I'm not a total asshole, I could, in theory, pull down a couple hundred getting some writing done today and then I might see that check in a monthish? God. It was SO nice being out of debt for those, what, 5 months? Fucking kitchen. Seriously, man. That thing ate my goddamned soul and my wallet. I do love my kitchen, but we're looking at YEARS to pay this off. It maka me cry. I'm doing the old money shuffle where you trade one credit card debt to another to try to extend your interest free period. Real trash math. It's awful. I need to get some kind of massive money score. Or, like, 3 weddings. Shooting 3 weddings would save me maybe 1 month of anxiety. Oh, and the lens I ordered for the wedding on the 5th came! Buuuut, they sent nikon, not canon, so FUCK ME. I hope the new one comes in time. I don't need that stress, I really don't.

There was so much more, but it's so early and I burned my mouth so badly last night. I'm miserable.
I'll come back. Bitching feels good today.


Apr. 18th, 2016 03:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi
Hey! I actually moved on over to tumblr. I'm palewansickly there, though unless you have an account, you won't be able to read it, because my family are insane and can't stay out of my account when I ask. I'd love for you to be over there too!

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